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Premium features

Premium features from the makers of TinyMCE.

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Commenting & collaboration

The Comments plugin provides the ability to add comments to the content and collaborate with other users for content editing.

Cloud-based file management

Tiny Drive - a premium plugin to manage files & images.

Self-hosted file management

MoxieManager is a premium plugin to manage files & images.

Tiny Skins and Icon Packs

Quickly give TinyMCE a new look.

Page Embed

Easily inserts iframe into the content.

Permanent Pen

Apply formats while typing.

Format Painter

Quickly apply formats to multiple pieces of text.


Add checklists to your content.

Paste from Word

PowerPaste is a premium plugin for clean Word copy-and-paste.

Spell checking as-you-type

Spell Checker Pro is a premium plugin and server to check spelling as-you-type.

Case Change

Change the case of text.

Hyperlink checking

Check for valid hyperlinks inside the editor

Media embedding

Add rich media previews inside TinyMCE.

Accessibility checking

WCAG & Section 508 compliant accessibility checking.


Mentions brings social sharing to TinyMCE.

Server-side component installation

Server-side components for premium plugins like spelling as-you-type.

Advanced source code editing

An IDE-like code editor for TinyMCE.

Advanced Tables

Add advanced functionality to tables.


Export content from TinyMCE, into varying formats.

Professional support

Find how to contact Tiny support.

Supported Premium Versions
    and Platforms

Supported versions and platforms for TinyMCE and TinyMCE premium features.

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