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Beta specific access and setup

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Important: The RTC plugin is currently in Open Beta. To learn about our pre-release commitment, please read our software licence agreement.

Accessing the RTC beta plugin

To try the RTC beta plugin:

  • Set up a Tiny Account.
  • Configure TinyMCE to use the Tiny Cloud RTC channel.
  • Add the RTC plugin and configuration options to TinyMCE.

Set up a Tiny Account

The RTC beta plugin is only available for Tiny Cloud deployments and requires a new or existing Tiny Account API Key.

To create a Tiny Account, visit the Tiny Account sign-up page.

Configure TinyMCE to use the Tiny Cloud RTC channel

To access the Tiny Cloud RTC channel (5-rtc), source TinyMCE using the following script:

<script src="" referrerpolicy="origin"></script>

Replace no-api-key in the source script (<script src=...) with a Tiny Account API key, which is created when signing up to Tiny Account.

Note: The official React, Angular, and Vue TinyMCE integrations use either the cloudChannel or cloud-channel attribute for specifying the Tiny Cloud channel. For information on using the React, Angular, or Vue integrations, see: TinyMCE Integrations.

Add the RTC plugin and configuration options to TinyMCE

For information on:

Need help?

During the closed beta for the RTC plugin, Tiny software developers will work with participants to address support issues. Tiny appreciates any feedback provided by users, and we encourage any feedback on improvements for the product and the support provided.

Tiny is striving to make RTC as useful and simple as possible. For support related issues, such as problems with JWT authentication and implementing RTC, contact Tiny Support.

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