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Rich text editor APIs = faster speed-to-market

Pre-built APIs are core to rapid launches

Today’s competitive advantage?

Moving from project-focused iteration to innovation and continuous deployment from flexible tech stacks

APIs deliver speed fluidity frictionless
user experience

APIs are key to getting faster speed-to-market


integration + customization

= > value at < cost

Need to accelerate your speed of innovation?

Leveraging the power
of APIs has led to a



in revenue^^

Enterprises that integrate APIs have recorded



in innovation^^

APIs increase productivity


On average, enterprises now develop and deploy at least

37 new applications

in 12 months^

APIs deliver speed fluidity and user experience

Instead of spending precious time and resources on reinventing the wheels on a rich text editor, use cost-effective

specialist APIs

“... enterprises deploy apps quicker, in a repeatable way, which leads to a faster pace of delivery, and the ability to create new and innovative experiences quickly.”++

Rich text editors with API-driven components enable faster launches support the functionality needed… and have inbuilt optionality to extend and grow

Rich text editor APIs
deliver speed and agility

Rich text editor components are enablers of products ready-to-use customizable

Tech stacks of API-driven tools free-up developers to spend more time on core business value projects.

Teams move faster and have greater impact.

“Why would you dedicate precious resources to recreating something in-house that’s done better elsewhere when you can instead focus your efforts on creating a differentiated product?”**

The digital factory+ creates reusable architectures from third-party specialist components

“... APIs let developers modularly combine, and recombine functionality and data for new uses, with virtually no marginal cost for each additional use of the API.*

Using a buy-and-assemble component approach for your rich text editor

Minimizes custom-build

outside your expertise


continuous deployment of software

Maximizes dev talent

who pick the exact tools needed

There is no single recipe. Shape your API-driven rich text editor to fit your growth

Get more insights in our
Buy vs Build White Paper

Download the White Paper

In a rush?

Download the ‘Rich text editor APIs = faster speed-to-market’ Infographic and read it later


The Great Debate: Buy vs Build Rich Text Editors

All cost estimates quoted are in US$


The rich text editor behind great content creation experiences

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