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Errata: TinyMCE 5.0.9 Premium Plugins

Errata for updates to the TinyMCE 5.0.9 Premium Plugins

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This errata documents updates to the TinyMCE 5.0.9 Premium Plugins released on the 17th July, 2019. Future releases of TinyMCE will also include these changes.

Tiny Comments

Tiny Comments 2.1.0 adds two optional display name settings:

  • tinycomments_author_name option for embedded mode.
  • authorName API property for callback mode.

These settings can resolve permission issues related to duplicate user names by separating the “author id” and “author name”.

Note: If these settings are not used, Tiny Comments reverts to using the tinycomments_author option or author property for the display name.

For information on Tiny Comments, refer to the Tiny Comments documentation.


The new version of PowerPaste 5.0.1 includes bug fixes. Refer to the changelog below for a full list of changes.


  • Added: console logged error codes to assist with support requests.
  • Removed: unused Flash files that were getting bundled with PowerPaste.
  • Fixed: PowerPaste not respecting the automatic_uploads editor setting.
  • Fixed: images incorrectly pasted when paste_as_text was enabled.
  • Fixed: issue where <pre> elements were not allowed to contain images.
  • Fixed: issue where the wrong error notification was displayed when images failed to import.
  • Fixed: leading, trailing and sequential spaces being lost when pasting plain text.

For information on PowerPaste, refer to the PowerPaste documentation.

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