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Enhanced Media Embed Plugin

Add rich media previews inside TinyMCE.

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The Enhanced Media Embed plugin is a premium TinyMCE plugin that will take a URL, send it to a backend service that returns an embeddable snippet of code, and add that code to the editor. That typically takes the form of rich media such as audio, video and social media cards.


For the moment the Enhanced Media Embed plugin has to be used in conjunction with the media plugin, so:

  1. Make sure you have the media plugin added to the plugins list.
  2. Add the mediaembed plugin to the plugins list.

Example Cloud Configuration

The service URL is already configured with TinyMCE Cloud. Simply specify the media and mediaembed plugins, and optionally a mediaembed_max_width

  selector: "textarea",
  plugins: "media mediaembed",
  mediaembed_max_width: 450

Example Self-hosted Configuration

In a Self-hosted installation, please ensure you configure the URL to the service with the mediaembed_service_url parameter.

  selector: "textarea",
  plugins: "media mediaembed",
  mediaembed_service_url: "SERVICE_URL",
  mediaembed_max_width: 450


The plugin can be used in two ways, either by simply entering a URL on an empty line and pressing the enter key - or by entering the URL into the media plugin's dialog window. Either way the URL will be handled by the service backend and the returned code will be embedded into the editor.

Configuration Options


This setting specifies the URL to the service that will handle your requests and return the embeddable snippets used by the Media Embed plugin. Please follow these instructions to configure the WAR file that you will get as a part of your premium TinyMCE plugin subscription. This option is not required for TinyMCE Cloud.


This optional setting specifies a maximum width in pixels of the embedded content. Defaults to 650.

Downloading Enhanced Media Embed plugin

A premium TinyMCE plugin subscription includes the ability to download and install the Media Embed plugin and a WAR file to access the service backend. Please follow these instructions to configure the WAR file.

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