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TinyMCE 5 webinar : Q1 review, migration tips, roadmap

Contribute to TinyMCE

Contribute to the open source project. Help build the core, plugins or even write the documentation.

Contribute to this page

TinyMCE is an open source software project, and we encourage developers to contribute patches and code for us to include in the main package of TinyMCE. However, there are a few rules and limitations when doing so, and this page lists them.

Basic rules

These basic rules make it possible for us to properly manage the TinyMCE project and to ensure that the code remains open source and under the LGPL license.

How to contribute

The TinyMCE source code is hosted on Github. Through Github, you can submit pull requests and log new bugs and feature requests.

Contributing to the documentation

If you would like to contribute to TinyMCE's documentation, please see our contrib page and style guide.

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