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Information and guides for developers wanting to build advanced capabilities into TinyMCE.

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Learn how TinyMCE works with screen readers and how screen readers work with TinyMCE.


A statement on security.

Boilerplate Content CSS

Learn how to set up CSS for your site to integrate TinyMCE.

Create a Custom Toolbar Button

Add a custom button to the toolbar.

Create a Skin for TinyMCE

Introducing skin creation.

Create a Plugin for TinyMCE

Introducing plugin creation, with an example.


TinyMCE Annotations provides the ability to describe particular features or add general information to a piece of content and creates identifiers for each added annotation.

Configuring callbacks for Comments 2.0

Instructions for configuring callbacks for Comments 2.0

TinyMCE plugin Yeoman generator

How to use the Yeoman generator to bootstrap a new TinyMCE plugin

Create Custom Dialogs

Learn how to make custom dialogs.

Create Custom Notifications

Learn how to make custom notifications.

Create a Sidebar Panel

Introducing sidebar creation.

Handle Async Image Uploads

How to manage asynchronous image uploads.

PHP Upload Handler

A server-side upload handler PHP script.

Editor Command Identifiers

Complete list of editor commands.

Editor Control Identifiers

Complete list of control identifiers.

Editor Events

List of common editor events

Keyboard Shortcuts

Complete list of keyboard shortcuts.

Migrate from 3.x

Everything you need to start migrating from 3.x to 4 and beyond.

Usage with module loaders

How to include TinyMCE in a project using CommonJS modules.

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