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Impact of TinyMCE core editor + premium plugins

Increased productivity

  • Decrease support tickets by up to 90%[1]
  • Reduce content creation time by 90%[4]

Deeper engagement

  • Increase the user engagement of a platform by 85%[2]
  • Increase customer gross retention and net retention[5]

Accelerated outputs

  • Increase developer velocity and save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year[3]
  • Save end users 10+ years when creating content[6]

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Year 1 Inclusions

Up to a 80% discount on Premium subscription:

  • Unlimited access to Tiny Cloud
  • Unlimited access to all TinyMCE Premium features on Tiny Cloud
Year 2 Inclusions

50% discount on list price of Premium subscription

  • All Year 1 features and inclusions:
Year 3 Inclusions

25% discount on list price of Premium subscription

  • All Year 1 features and inclusions:
  • Ability to scale up to unlimited clients without worrying about usage limitations
  • Access to our Support team to get you set-up and running
  • Access to the hottest enterprise-grade rich text editing innovations

Why TinyMCE

Developer friendly

Lightweight. Feature loaded. Mobile optimized.

Install TinyMCE by adding just a few lines of code to your app.
You have full control of the code, UI, configuration and integrations. Build, ship and scale faster than ever before.

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19+ WYSIWYG premium features

Six features worth the upgrade

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Clean copy-and-paste = less support tickets

  • Cleanly copy-pastes content from Word, Excel and Google Docs
  • Has helped dev teams decrease support tickets by 40%
  • Automatically cleans up rogue formatting in pasted content
  • Option to strip or preserve advanced formatting
  • Underlying HTML code doesn't break
  • 99.9% accuracy rate

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What founders and directors
say about us

Without Tiny, we would have had to put somebody full time on building a tool like that, which could easily have cost $100,000 a year, not to mention the ongoing costs of maintaining an expensive tool.

Chris Creery

Chris Creery

Senior Software Architect, TalentMap

TinyMCE is one of those “cornerstone” products on the web.

Patrick Coombe

Patrick Coombe

CEO, Elite Strategies LLC

TinyMCE works the way it’s supposed to every time, which is I think the most important thing. It's always good to know that you're using the best available tools.

Matt Byrom

Matt Byrom

Managing Director, Project.co

We just hired a new writer and within a 20-minute training session, she felt completely fine using TinyMCE and the new CMS. That used to take hours. Everything across the board has been so streamlined that we jokingly call it our ‘Industrial Revolution‘.

Tyler Denk

Tyler Denk

Senior Product Lead, MorningBrew

In our field, it’s expected that you have a nice editor. Using TinyMCE saved us half a year or even more of development time. And in the end, I'm not sure if we would have even had the knowledge to be able to build such an editor by ourselves.

Bastian Bickelhaupt

Bastian Bickelhaupt

CTO and Co-Founder, Contentbird

Our user engagement numbers are up, our average customer value is up, and our churn rate is down compared to before we started using TinyMCE.

Geoff McQueen

Geoff McQueen

CEO, Accelo

We’re very satisfied with TinyMCE’s features, functionality, ease of integration, and the impeccable support team. TinyMCE has removed enormous overhead from our journalists and allowed them to focus more on getting the actual story.

Paul Alexandrescu

Paul Alexandrescu

Technical Director, Thomson Reuters

TinyMCE satisfied our needs at a competitive cost, and we were able to integrate it without restructuring our product. TinyMCE is perfect for what we’re trying to accomplish.

Chris Burd

Chris Burd

Vice President of policyIQ, RGP

This is one of the web’s unsung heroes. Regularly updated, easy to use and powerful.

Alexander Curtis

Alexander Curtis

Co-Founder, OhMyTix

TinyMCE should be at the top of any list if you're looking for a visual text editor. It’s flexible, integrates well with different systems and is extremely stable.

Rob Wells

Rob Wells

CEO, DDSN Interactive

We really wanted something supported by a community of millions, where we knew everything had been tried, tested and validated.

Justin Witz

Justin Witz

CTO and Co-Founder, Catapult

Just reducing the number of support tickets has been great. If there are fewer problems to solve, then I can focus on developing new features for our software and helping to push us ahead of our competitors.

Simon Reinhard

Simon Reinhard

Senior Software Developer, Hype Innovation

Offering customizable templates with Tiny has helped us grow and helps our customers differentiate themselves in the market.

Mariya Nomanbhoy

Mariya Nomanbhoy

COO, Sighten

I’ve worked with a lot of different editors, but TinyMCE was the simplest to implement. The amount of functionality you get right out of the box would be foolhardy to try and recreate.

Tim Craver

Tim Craver

Manager of Development, Allied Solutions

TinyMCE is an easy-to-use, intuitive tool, and everyone is happy using it. The way that we have been able to customize the editor is fantastic.

Paul Caisley

Paul Caisley

Owner, El Roboto

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