TinyMCE Mobile

A new mobile-first user experience for rich text editing.

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Why make TinyMCE mobile friendly? Simple. We live in a “mobile-first” world and expect a seamless experience between desktop and mobile. Our goal is to help you achieve this with as little effort as possible.

We’re pleased to introduce TinyMCE mobile, available in version 4.7 and later.

TinyMCE mobile is designed to run on iOS Safari and Android Chrome. You’ll find a streamlined interface while keeping the most common touch interactions easily to hand.

Configuration is relatively easy, so let’s get started.

Note: Please note that TinyMCE mobile will not work on non-mobile environments.

Configuring mobile

New to Tiny 5, the mobile experience is built in and does not require additional configuration.

Tinymce will detect the platform and will show an optimal Ui experience given a device type and screensize.

Below are the toolbar items currently supported, with any plugins/configuration required. Note, that the list functions require the lists plugin and styleselect requires configuring style_formats.

Name Function Plugins Required Configuration
undo Undo operation    
redo Redo operation    
bold Bold formatting operation    
italic Italic formatting operation    
underline Underline formatting operation    
link Insert / Edit a hyperlink    
unlink Remove an existing hyperlink    
image Insert an image    
bullist Insert an unordered list lists  
numlist Insert an ordered list lists  
fontsizeselect Change the font size    
forecolor Apply a foreground color    
styleselect Apply a custom style   style_formats
removeformat Removes any inline formatting    

Browser compatibility

During our initial QA, we tested mobile on the following platforms. If you use other platforms and encounter bugs, please let us know in the TinyMCE issue tracker.

Mobile Platform Compatibility

OS Browser Device
Android 8 Chrome Mobile phone
Android 7 Chrome Mobile phone
Android 6 Chrome Mobile phone
iOS11 Safari iPhone/iPad
iOS10 Safari iPhone/iPad

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