Commenting & collaboration

Tiny Comments provides the ability to add comments to the content and collaborate with other users for content editing.

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TinyMCE editor now has a highly desirable functionality, Comments.

The Comments plugin provides the user an ability to start or join a conversation by adding comments to the content within the TinyMCE editor.

Users can now add comments to their text from within their TinyMCE editor for collaboration, review, and providing feedback.

Collaborate on your projects within your content

Comments offer the following primary functionality:

  • A user interface to collaborate on content by creating and replying to comments.
  • A way to control the delete operation on a comment/comment thread if you want to remove it from your content.

Primary Comments Functions

The Comments plugin allows the user to perform the following functions:

  • Create a comment
  • Reply to a comment
  • Delete a comment/comment thread
  • Lookup a comment
  • Store a comment

Comments Integration

We provide a working example for integrating the TinyMCE plugin into your site.

Note: For more information on installing and configuring Tiny Comments, please visit our documentation.

Buy Comments

Start with our dedicated product page to see our flexible pricing options. Enterprise customers should contact sales directly. Still not sure? Check out the demo below.

Comments Demo

In this example, we highlight the features in Comments, including adding a comment, replying to a comment, and deleting a comment. For more information on the other Comments configuration options, see the docs.

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